Searches associated with the ESTA maiden name form

When you are in possession of a travel authorization as part of a visa waiver to the USA, know that your request is valid for two years and that it allows you to travel several times on American soil. Even if your document has already been accepted, you can update certain information such as your e-mail address, telephone number, information on the airline or shipping company, the name of the city where you are arriving, the address where you will be staying in the United States. To do this, you must find your file. The search associated with the ESTA form may require the information of the maiden name.

Easily find your ESTA authorization request

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If you want to make some minor changes to the travel authorization application , you must retrieve your file. This process can be done in two ways. The simplest is to enter the case number. Before this information, you must still enter the passport number and your date of birth. If you don’t know your case number that you get after submitting your application, you can enter the surname (usually maiden name), the applicant’s usual first name, and the country that issued the passport.

With this information, you will be able to find your ESTA authorization request. Small important confirmation, if you make a mistake on the expiry date or the date of issue of your passport, or if you receive a new passport, the file cannot be updated as easily. This kind of operation requires a renewal of your request. By making a new request, the old procedure will be cancelled.

Easily obtain your ESTA authorization request


There is a simpler solution that makes it easier for you to obtain your ESTA authorization request. Register for the visa waiver program by connecting to commercial sites offering a support service. Thanks to these portals specializing in registration for the electronic travel authorization system, you benefit from several services such as the recovery of your ESTA, a well-structured procedure when you complete your application or the possibility of modifying your file more easily. With these ESTA registration sites, you benefit from technical support all in French accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The sites authorize you to update your application free of charge for 2 years and offer you free archiving of your data during the period of validity of your authorization. To increase your chances of obtaining your travel certificate to the USA, the sites have a team responsible for verifying your data. This service allows you to correct certain errors or omissions that you have overlooked.