Travel to Mexico and transit in the USA, apply for ESTA

Mexico is one of the most popular destinations in the world for exploring the history of mankind. Its beaches and lagoons have also bewitched Asian tourists. The latter did not always stay by the sea, as they also most often accompanied Europeans to archaeological sites. This represents the ideal trip for many people and it is an opportunity to bask by the sea and discover the vestiges of the past. However, the formality to realize this dream is still a bit complicated. It is not enough, in fact, to have a valid passport and a visa for Mexico. It is also necessary to apply for transit authorization in the United States .

Apply for ESTA for transit in the USA


ESTA is the abbreviation given for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This is a form made available to travelers to the USA and members of Visa Waiver Program countries. The French without exception can request this form through specialized sites. Once this form is completed, the US government verifies it and gives you its transit agreement. It is mandatory to transit on American soil.

A trip to Mexico, a dream beach vacation

Mexico can conjure up two kinds of vacations for tourists. It is a large seaside resort for some, while for others it is a vast archaeological site. Both are absolutely right, because this country offers both at the same time. The country is home to sumptuous beaches along the Pacific Ocean. Cancun Beach is one of the most popular with visitors with its azure blue water.

A trip to Mexico, the discovery of a history of more than 30,000 years


Human beings have lived in Mexico for more than 30,000 years before our era. This makes it very interesting from an archaeological point of view, since many of its former inhabitants left traces of their passage there. Among these we can mention the pre-Hispanic city of Monte Alban, Palenque and Teotihuacan.