Should we print and bring our ESTA authorization at the airport?

The ESTA travel authorization is a mandatory file since January 12, 2009. It is an Electronic system for travel authorization. It was created after September 11, 2001 by the US government to better secure US soil. At the same time, it makes things much easier for us who are nationals of one of the 38 countries in the Visa Waiver Program. When boarding the plane or boat, this file must be presented with a valid and valid passport. It is the same when you go down.


Should we print the ESTA travel authorization at the airport?

After applying for ESTA , many receive an approved authorization very quickly. On the other hand, for the others, it is often necessary to wait up to 3 days to know the answer. Once the authorization in hand, you are obliged to verify the veracity of the information entered on your authorization.

In case of inconsistency with your passport or error, you must report it as soon as possible to the support of the site on which you made the request so that it corrects it as soon as possible. When everything is in order, you must print your ESTA travel authorization.


Do we need to bring the ESTA travel authorization at the airport?

jag estaPrinting the ESTA travel authorization is not a requirement. However, it is always better to prepare well. Therefore, you must bring this copy with you when boarding. However, be aware that the United States Department of Homeland Security has already given the airline information on every traveler, including you.

So you are already on their passenger list. However, have your pre-boarding clearance number handy to help the agent verify your name.


What to do if you forget your ESTA or passport at the airport?

Forgetting is quite possible, but above all, don’t panic. You can always download your ESTA travel authorization at the airport and print it on the spot. Otherwise, you just have to write down your identification number. Forgetting the ESTA is therefore not catastrophic. This is not the case for the passport, because these two documents are compulsory. It is on the passport that we check all the general data concerning you. Therefore, return home to pick up the forgotten passport or have someone bring it back to you immediately at the airport. These are the only solutions.